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A Green Technology Path for India

A Green Technology Path for India, with Prem Jha, Editor, Columnist, and
Energy Advisor to India’s Climate Envoy


India faces daunting development and
environmental challenges.  Three quarters of the population live on
less than two dollars a day and perhaps 600 million Indians lack access
to electricity, requiring India to vastly expand energy services to
power continuing economic growth.  At the same time, India’s
coastlines, agriculture, and water resources are highly vulnerable to
the impacts of climate change.  How can India meet its increasing
energy needs while countering the rising risks from global warming? 
Please join us as Prem Jha, editor, energy author, and advisor to the
Government of India, discusses recent work tracing a potential pathway
using proven technologies and market incentives to shift India to a
no-carbon energy system by 2060.


Prem Jha
is a columnist with several major Indian newspapers including Outlook,
The Hindustan Times, and The Deccan Herald.  He has
been Editor of Financial Express and The Economic Times,
Economics Editor of The Times of India, and Information
Advisor to the Prime Minister.  Formerly a member of the energy panel
of the World Commission on Environment and Development, he currently
advises the Confederation of Indian Industry.


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