23 Years of Nonuse: Evaluating the Nuclear Taboo in India and Pakistan

In this South Asian Voices virtual roundtable, experts from India and Pakistan will be in conversation with Dr. Nina Tannenwald on her latest article, “ 23 Years of Nonuse: Does the Nuclear Taboo Constrain India and Pakistan?” This discussion will examine whether the nonuse of nuclear weapons in South Asia over the past two decades can be attributed to normative concerns and how the nuclear taboo can be strengthened going forward.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Sannia Abdullah Close, Research Affiliate, Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University

Dr. Manpreet Sethi, Distinguished Fellow and Head of Nuclear Security Project, Centre for Airpower Studies

Dr. Nina Tannenwald, Director of International Relations, Brown University

Moderated By

Brigitta Schuchert, Managing Editor, South Asian Voices

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