My Story

My Story

My Story is an autobiographical series written by the experts and team at the nonpartisan Stimson Center. Each story details the people, places, and events that led the author to dedicate their career to resolving some of the world’s most pressing global challenges to peace and prosperity. Click on the picture below to read our expert's story — and support their ongoing work by donating to the Stimson Center today.

Brian Finlay, President & CEO


Rachel Stohl, Director, Convention Defense Program


Michael Krepon, Co-Founder


Jacqueline Kempfer, Research Assistant, Nuclear Security Program


Barry Blechman, Co-Founder


Alan D. Romberg, Distinguished Fellow & Director, East Asia Program


Richard Cupitt, Senior Associate & Director, Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention program


Cindy Vestergaard, Senior Associate & Director, Nuclear Safeguard Program