2020 Presidential Inbox Series

2020 Presidential Inbox Series

The 2020 Presidential Inbox is an ongoing series examining the international challenges that will face the next presidential administration and providing concrete recommendations for presidential action. Contributions to the series are the work of Stimson's leading experts.

U.S.-China Trade Conflict: Opportunities for U.S. Economic and Security Interests in Developing Southeast Asia

Richard Cronin, Distinguished Fellow, [email protected]

Managing the Fallout of the US-China Trade War

Yun Sun, Director of the China Program, [email protected]

Global Arms Trade: Setting an Example for Responsible Policy

Rachel Stohl, Managing Director, [email protected]

Shannon Dick, Research Analyst, [email protected]

Coordinate Climate Strategy Through an Institute for Climate Disaster Resilience

Jan Hartke, Non-resident Fellow

Preventing Illicit Trafficking by Transnational Criminal Organizations

Brian Finlay, President & CEO

Reform the Foreign Policy Toolkit for a Rebalance World by Gordon Adams

Gordon Adams, Distinguished Fellow