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Stimson Expert Statements on New START Extension

In response to today’s positive news about the extension of the New START treaty, Stimson released the following statements:

Michael Krepon, Stimson Center co-founder and Distinguished Fellow, and author of the forthcoming Winning and Losing the Nuclear Peace: The Rise, Demise and Revival of Arms Control, from Stanford University Press:

“The Biden administration is off to a good start with New START’s extension. The United States can cooperate and compete with Russia at one and the same time. Extending verifiable limitations on strategic arms for another five years is a sensible step. Those who argue that a short extension could have provided leverage for something better had either no experience in nuclear negotiations or a greater interest in treaty trashing than in treaty making. It will take time to update New START’s provisions and to broaden the scope of arms control.”

More: About Michael Krepon

Nickolas Roth, Senior Fellow and Director of Stimson’s Nuclear Security Program:

“A five-year extension of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is a critical step towards averting the destruction of the arms control architecture that has helped to prevent nuclear catastrophe between the United States and Russia. New START provides a legally binding structure that enhances predictability and stability, reducing the likelihood of a new nuclear arms race and war between the two countries. After years of lackluster progress reducing nuclear risks, the Biden administration must now take further action to end the United States’ wasteful and dangerous nuclear modernization program, negotiate further nuclear arms reductions with Russia, reinvigorate the nonproliferation regime, deescalate tensions with nuclear-armed rivals, and further reduce the risk of nuclear terrorism.”

More: About Nickolas Roth

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