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Stimson Environmental Security Leader to Speak on Technology, Ocean Health, and Climate Change at Economist Group’s World Oceans Summit

New: “Understanding complex climate threats in coastal cities” infographic 

Washington, D.C— On Tuesday, March 2, Sally Yozell, Director of the Stimson Center’s Environmental Security Program, will speak on Innovation: Advances in science and technology to preserve ocean health and mitigate climate change, a panel at the Economist’s World Ocean Summit. Yozell’s remarks will focus on using tools and technology to empower policymakers grappling with the accelerating impact of climate change around the world.

In advance of the Summit, The Stimson Center’s Environmental Security Program also released an infographic “Understanding complex climate threats in coastal cities” which showcases how their innovative Climate and Ocean Risk Vulnerability Index (CORVI) tool produces comprehensive climate risk profiles for coastal cities by comparing a diverse range of economic, social, and environmental risk. These detailed profiles empower governments, businesses, and financial institutions to understand their cities’ climate risk and pinpoint areas of action to adapt to the climate emergency. View Infographic.

WHAT:  PANEL — Innovation: Advances in science and technology to preserve ocean health and mitigate climate change, The Economist Group’s World Oceans Summit


  • Sally Yozell,  Stimson Center, Environmental Security Program Director
  • Oliver Steeds, Chief Executive, Nekton
  • Craig McLean, Assistant Administrator, NOAA – Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) office
  • Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary IOC, UNESCO
  • ModeratorNicholas Hardman-Mountford, Head of Oceans and Natural Resources, The Commonwealth

WHEN: Tuesday, March 2, 9:40am ET (2:40pm GMT)

WHERE: Virtual Conference – RSVP 

For more information on the Climate and Ocean Risk Vulnerability Index, please visit 

The Stimson Center’s Environmental Security program explores the array of environmental threats, both human and natural, that have the potential to undermine national, regional, or global security. The Stimson Center is a nonpartisan policy research center working to protect people, preserve the planet, and promote security & prosperity. Learn more at

The Stimson Center promotes international security, shared prosperity & justice through applied research and independent analysis, deep engagement, and policy innovation.

‌For three decades, Stimson has been a leading voice on urgent global issues. Founded in the twilight years of the Cold War, the Stimson Center pioneered practical new steps toward stability and security in an uncertain world. Today, as changes in power and technology usher in a challenging new era, Stimson is at the forefront: Engaging new voices, generating innovative ideas and analysis, and building solutions to promote international security, prosperity, and justice.

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