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Online UN75 Regional Dialogue for the Americas

Toward Innovation and Renewal of Regional and Global Governance
Dialogue on issues and questions about the future of multilateralism and its impact at the global, regional and national levels in the Americas.


The online dialogue (20 March to 26 April) is designed to bring multi-stakeholder, regional perspectives and feed ideas into the final months of preparations for key political milestones of 2020, including the UN 75 Leaders’ Summit and its associated political declaration (to be finalized by June 2020), as well as the 2020 Review of the UN Peacebuilding Architecture.

The dialogue will serve as a platform to open the conversation around key issues and questions on the future of multilateralism and its impact at the global, regional and national levels in the Americas. The process is flexible and will allow you to participate at your convenience. Participants are encouraged to contribute to all four segments of the dialogue. Your inputs will be synthesized – on a not-for-attribution-basis – and consolidated in a summary report which will serve the following objectives:

  • shed light on the role of the UN in the Americas and its collaboration with regional organizations such as the Organization of American States (OAS) on issue areas such as peace and security, sustainable development, climate change, humanitarian action, justice and human rights.
  • offer policy recommendations on how to build on successes and strengthen multilateralism at the UN, Organization of American States and other regional actors within or engaging with the UN system. 

How to Participate?

  • We are accepting requests for participation from individuals who live or have expertise on the regions. Request to participate in the sessions below.

If your request is approved, then you will receive an invitation from the organizers to join the Google group for the online discussion that you selected.


We welcome contributions in both Spanish and English.

Format and Sessions

The online dialogue will be structured in four segments. Each segment will be kicked off with a focused thematic webinar bringing together the key experts on each thematic topic from  the United Nations, civil society, regional organizations and member states who will share their reflections and open the conversation to questions from the participants. Please find below the online discussion and webinars’ schedule:

SegmentModeratorsWebinar (via Zoom)
23-29 March   Regional Approaches to Global GovernanceYadira Soto Organization of American States   Cristina Petcu  Stimson Center20 March (10:00-11:00 am New York)   [email protected], an Opportunity for Strengthening Global and Regional Governance in The Americas Region
30 March – 5 April    Enhancing Peacebuilding and Security in the AmericasMarina Kumskova Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC)    Daria Ivleva adelphi27 March (10:00-11:00am New York)   Peacebuilding in the Americas: Strategic Operationalization of Sustaining Peace at the Regional Level (this will include a discussion on the links between security, peacebuilding and climate change)
6-15 April    Strengthening Inclusive & Sustainable Development and Climate GovernanceMagnus Jiborn  Global Challenges Foundation   Richard Ponzio Stimson Center3 April (10:00-11:00am New York)   Strengthening Inclusive & Sustainable Development and Climate Governance
16-26 April    Promoting Human Rights, Justice, and Humanitarian ActionAdriana Abdenur Igarape Institute   Ben Donaldson Together First 10 April (10:00-11:00am New York)   Promoting Human Rights, Justice, and Humanitarian Action
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