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WIRED: Trump Can’t Make a North Korea Deal on His Own – Jenny Town Quoted

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Trump Can’t Make a North Korea Deal on His Own

A MUCH-TOUTED TWO-DAY summit between Donald Trumpand North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un failed to reach the finish line Thursday, as talks collapsed and Trump returned to Washington, DC. It’s unclear exactly what unraveled the process; Trump says Kim asked for the lifting of all economic sanctions in exchange for closing the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Complex, while North Korea reportedlysays it asked for relief on some, but not all. But throwing around blame for Hanoi misses the point: The summit was a mistake to begin with.

That’s not to say the US and North Korea shouldn’t pursue negotiations over the Hermit Kingdom’s nuclear disposition. They absolutely should, and will continue to, per Trump’s departing remarks. “Chairman Kim and myself, we want to do the right deal,” Trump said. “Speed is not important.” But within that otherwise upbeat assessment lies the main impediment to real progress in the Korean Peninsula: Trump and Kim should not be the ones doing the deal, at least not the bulk of it. Hanoi is what happens when they try.

Read the full article in WIRED.

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