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Statement: Trump “Un-signing” Arms Trade Treaty undermines US leadership and harms national security

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Statement: Trump “Un-signing” Arms Trade Treaty undermines US leadership and harms national security.

Today President Trump announced that his administration would “un-sign” the Arms Trade treaty (ATT), a landmark agreement that regulates the international trade in conventional arms, The treaty was adopted by the United Nations in April 2013 and entered into force in December 2014. It has 101 state parties and 34 additional signatories. The treaty establishes common international standards for arms transfer controls for countries to incorporate into their national laws and regulations.

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Stimson Managing Director Rachel Stohl, a leading expert on international arms trade, was the consultant to the ATT process, working with diplomats to draft the treaty text. She released the following statement:

“Today the President once again walked away from America’s leadership role in the world and undermined international efforts to reduce human suffering caused by irresponsible and illegal arms transfers. Un-signing the Arms Trade Treaty will undermine international peace and security, increase irresponsible and illegal sales of conventional weapons, and harm the American economy. A transparent, responsible arms trade fundamentally serves U.S. national security, promotes U.S. foreign policy objectives, and supports American values. The ATT facilitates transparency and accountability in a global arms trade worth nearly $90 billion a year, building confidence among governments and ending decades of impunity.”


Rachel Stohl is Managing Director of the Conventional Defense Program at the Stimson Center. Her areas of expertise focus on issues relating to the international arms trade, including drones, small arms and light weapons, and children in armed conflict.

Stohl was the consultant to the U.N. ATT process from 2010-2013 and was previously the consultant to the U.N. Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) on the Arms Trade Treaty in 2008 and the U.N. Register for Conventional Arms in 2009.

Read Rachel Stohl’s full bio.

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