North Korean concessions the United States might want

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In exchange for a peace declaration and even sanctions relief, the United States could ask North Korea for a number of concessions: • An indefinite moratorium on all nuclear and missile tests, including those for short-range missiles. • A verifiable freeze (cap) on weapons-grade fissile material, possibly through remote or online monitoring at enrichment facilities. • A demonstrable reduction of nuclear-armed delivery systems (i.e., the Hwasong-12 or ICBMs) and nuclear-tipped missiles and launchers (Pukguksong). If ICBMs are not an option, the North could consider freezing production of ICBM transporter-erector launchers. • Steps toward the verifiable dismantlement of Yongbyon nuclear facility. • International verification of the disabling of the Punggye-ri nuclear test site and the missile engine launch site at Sohae (Tongchang-ri). • The creation of a bilateral or trilateral (United States and South Korean) human rights working group, working in tandem with the Seoul-based United Nations human rights office.

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