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Joel Wit Comments on North Korea’s Unconventional Strategy

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It’s certainly unconventional. But is it working? Trump’s North Korea strategy wins over some experts.

HANOI — When President Trump boasts of his wonderful relationship with North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un, or claims that there would have been war if he hadn’t been elected, many people cringe.

But behind Trump’s boasting and bluster, a small band of experts in North Korean affairs see a strategy taking shape.

Making Kim feel respected and secure, they say, offers a possible way to persuade him to give up — or at least scale back — his nuclear arsenal in return for economic and diplomatic rewards.

“I am not a Trump supporter on 99 percent of what he does. But, strangely enough, his instincts have been right about North Korea,” said Joel Wit, a senior fellow at the Stimson Center think tank in Washington who was involved in past negotiations with the North Koreans while at the State Department.

Read the full article in The Washington Post.

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