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Jenny Town comments on the use of satellite imagery to analyze NK Missile Sites

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Trump officials chafe at second-guessing of North Korean missile sites

When workers at North Korea’s Sohae rocket facility began rebuilding the dormant site’s launchpad and engine test stand this month, U.S. spy satellites orbiting overhead quickly detected the construction.

So did Joe Bermudez, a freelance North Korea military expert who keeps close tabs on unclassified overhead photos of the country’s scattered missile and nuclear weapons facilities.

Unlike U.S. intelligence agencies, Bermudez immediately went public.

“North Korea is pursuing a rapid rebuilding of the long-range-rocket site at Sohae,” Bermudez and Victor Cha, a former U.S. National Security Council official, warned in a March 5 analysis published by a Washington think tank that included satellite images of the hilly launch site near North Korea’s border with China.

Read the full article in LA Times.

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