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William Reinsch quoted in Politico on potential trade promotion authority renewal

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TRUMP TALKS ECONOMY IN THE MOTOR CITY: Donald Trump is in Detroit today, where he’s expected to lay out his economic agenda. Trump’s trade advisers tell Pro Trade to expect the Republican nominee to touch heavily on trade during his speech, to be held at the Detroit Economic Club. For Trump, it will be the most prominent economic-themed address since the end of June, when he delivered a speech on his “jobs plan,” which called for a seven-step trade policy with a heavy focus on enforcement, including the naming of China as a currency manipulator, invoked major safeguard actions and promised the appointment of the “toughest and smartest” trade negotiators.


Even though both candidates oppose the TPP agreement, it’s hard to imagine them not seeking a renewal in order to preserve a presidential prerogative, said Bill Reinsch, a distinguished fellow at the Stimson Center and former president of the National Foreign Trade Council. Another trade expert agreed. “I can’t imagine a president not having an international economic policy agenda, and one of the few tools he or she would have are trade agreements,” said Scott Miller, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “So I think you’d want the opportunity to negotiate trade agreements that you thought were in the country’s interest,” even if you oppose previous trade pacts, Miller said.

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