Stimson Analysis: Obama to Seek UN Resolution on Nuclear Test Ban

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In light of reporting today that President Obama has decided to seek a new United Nations Security Council resolution that would reaffirm objectives of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Stimson Center experts Laicie Heeley and Michael Krepon released the following statements:

“Much as he began, President Obama will end his term with a strong statement against nuclear weapons. This is likely to be a largely symbolic move, since an international norm against nuclear testing already exists. But it may encourage those countries who have not yet signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty to take action, and that in and of itself would be a major accomplishment.” — Laicie Heeley, Fellow, Stimson Center

“Twenty years in limbo, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty is in need of reaffirmation — and not just with the usual boilerplate of a U.N. General Assembly resolution. Kudos to the Obama administration. This resolution does not circumvent senatorial prerogatives. The Senate’s consent to ratification is still needed. But any initiative that helps raise the bar against testing — and helps penalize the one state that still tests — is worth taking.” — Michael Krepon, Co-founder, Stimson Center

Photo credit: IAEA via Flickr
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