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Michael Krepon quoted in The Wire on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

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New Delhi: As US President Barack Obama counts down his days in office, efforts to burnish his legacy with a re-look at the nuclear test ban treaty could have implications for India.

Both suggestions – adopting a no-first use position in the US’s nuclear posture and a UNSC resolution calling on the entry into force of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) – stirred fierce emotions among Republicans. But while the first looks like a non-starter, the plan for a UNSC resolution in time for the 20th anniversary of the CTBT in September may have more legs.


The Stimson Centre’s Michael Krepon has argued in favour of the UNSC resolution on the basis that it will allow for reaffirmation of national moratoria. “This resolution provides an opportunity for the Permanent Five members of the Security Council to reaffirm a global ban on testing. It also provides an opportunity for India, Pakistan, and Israel to reaffirm their national moratoria on testing,” he wrote.

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