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Michael Krepon quoted in India Today on the US election

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“Nobody likes a loser. Nobody likes to be bullied. Yet here we stand today, the greatest superpower on earth, and everyone is eating our lunch. That’s not winning. If I ran my business that way, I’d fire myself. America needs to start winning again. Together let’s make America strong and great again.” 

When, with these words, Donald John Trump launched his campaign to occupy the most powerful office in the world in June 2015 with his characteristic swagger and fists punching the air, few people took him seriously. After all, he was then only chairman of The Trump Organisation, a property tycoon who had built a slew of middle-class homes, swank resorts and golf courses. And on everything he developed he made sure his surname appeared in all caps and painted in gold.


 So what will be the substance and style of a Trump presidency? Trump is the first US President in recent history who has never held public office, he is a known unknown. Nor does he come across as someone who has deeply-held beliefs on major issues. Michael Krepon, founder president of the Stimson Center, a Washington-based think-tank, doesn’t hide his intense disquiet about the prospect of President Trump: “The first thing we know about him is that he loves himself. The second is that he has no clue about how the world works and is currently surrounded by people who have extremely limited knowledge about it also.”

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