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Global Incidents of IUU Fishing in 2016

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Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing earns an estimated $36.4 billion in illicit profits each year. The actors who carry out IUU fishing activities often converge with other serious security threats, including transnational organized crime, human trafficking, and even arms smuggling. The Global Incidents of IUU Fishing database serves as an open-source database that tracked incidents of illegal fishing that have security implications in 2016. The purpose of the database is to provide policymakers with the information to better quantify and understand the convergence of IUU fishing with other security threats.

To utilize the database, either click on a blue dot to learn more about a specific incident or toggle with the categories on the right hand side to view incidents of interest. For example, to view incidents that converge with drug smuggling, select the number one (1) under drum smuggling, which will then showcase all incidents within this category.

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