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Alan Romberg quoted in Liberty Times on Beijing pressuring Tsai Ing-wen

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[United States for correspondent Cao Yufen / Washington on the 26th reported that] the United States, George Washington University professor, said today that Saudi Arabia, or whether Hillary Trump elected the next US president, the chances of Taiwan policy change is very small, but also very cautious not want Taiwan the US manufacturing trouble. However, he personally believes that the US policy toward Taiwan is a need to change something.


Experts on both sides of Romberg believes that there will be no immediate security crisis in the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea issue and make Washington the United States to deal with China to produce a tough atmosphere, if the Chinese military action against Taiwan, it is likely to force Washington to respond. Romberg said that most Americans sympathize with Tsai Ing-wen, Tsai Ing-wen also believe that Beijing should not succumb to pressure, and they believe that Tsai Ing-wen has taken many positive acts and declarations. However, Tsai Ing-wen in Beijing does not accept the one China principle, if further show her respect for the principle of one China Beijing, Beijing might be able to take a more flexible approach. If Beijing reimbursing pressure Tsai Ing-wen, Romberg also reminded Beijing to consider the possible consequences.

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