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Alan Romberg quoted in China Review News on US-Taiwan policy expectations

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“Stimson Center” East Asia Project Director Romberg (Alan Romberg) on the assessment agency, said: “There may be a policy review, but I do not think that would be a priority in any case, I do not expect there will be major changes in US policy toward Taiwan..” 

In the security field, Romberg said he believes Trump will want to continue to support Taiwan, just as his predecessors did, but there is no formal commitment. “Strategic ambiguity” of good will survive. 

In the economic and trade fields, Romberg noted that Trump will focus on trade agreements. Because people assumed that TPP was dead, or at least a deep coma, so Taiwan’s participation in the TPP issue does not mention. But with the possibility that Taiwan upgrade its laws and regulations and practices in order to achieve further criteria guide the United States and Taiwan “trade and investment framework agreement” (TIFA), and then perhaps move towards “free trade agreement.” If so, although Trump government would not oppose trade and investment agreement between the United States and Taiwan in principle, but will be required to ensure the conditions for its US business and labor is fair.

Read the full article here.

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