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Rich Cronin Quoted In Asian Correspondent On Thailand’s First Transboundary Case

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WHAT binds Mrs. Sorn Champadoka, a fisherwoman in northern Thailand who fears that the first dam on the lower mainstream of the mighty Mekong river will alter the river ecosystem leading to fish losses and devastate her livelihood and way of life; Saul Luciano Lliuya, a Peruvian farmer living in the floodpath of the Palcacocha lake which is damming glacial melt-water upstream of his home in Peru’s white mountain range; and a group of Dutch citizens who believe nations are forbidden from polluting other nations? The answer lies in communities from around the world taking proactive legal actions against governments and corporations to prevent and remedy transboundary environmental harms like those resulting from climate change and mega projects, such as the Xayaburi dam in Laos.


According to Richard Cronin of the Stimson Center, “this is the first time a Thai court has recognised the transboundary impact on Thailand of a project built in another country and also the first time that a court has affirmed the application of Thai law to projects being built in a neighbouring country by a Thai company.”

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