Latest Stimson publication features new analysis of Japan’s foreign policy challenges

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A new book of essays written by four Japanese policy analysts take a close look at the challenges Japan faces in the coming years. The topics covered in this volume – Japan’s relations with China, South Korea, North Korea and Southeast Asia – are all issues of intense policy interest in Washington as well as Tokyo.

The book, titled “Japan’s Foreign Policy Challenges in East Asia: Views from the Next Generation” is comprised of essays by Ken Jimbo, associate professor at Japan’s Keio University; Junya Nishino, associate professor at Keio University; Yasuyo Sakata, professor of international relations at Japan’s Kanda University of International Studies; and Chikako Kawakatsu Ueki, professor of international relations at Waseda University in Tokyo. The book was edited by Yuki Tatsumi, senior associate in the East Asia program at Stimson.

“Each of these policy briefs illustrate what Japan faces in its bilateral relationships with its immediate neighbors,” Tatsumi said. “I hope they will serve as a useful point of reference when looking these challenges and that people will come away with a greater understanding of the rationale behind Japan’s policy choices in these issues and relationships.”

The book’s essays include:

Japan-China Relations: Toward a Comprehensive Strategy by Chikako Kawakatsu Ueki

Japan-ROK Relations: Overcoming the Challenges by Junya Nishino

North Korea: Japan’s Policy Options by Yasuyo Sakata

Japan-Southeast Asia Relations: Implication of US Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region by Ken Jimbo

Launched in 1999, the Stimson Center’s Japan program seeks to provide a dynamic platform for engaging in useful discussion and analysis on the security issues relevant to Japan and its alliance with the United States. It strives to provide empirically based, high-quality analyses in order to promote a clear understanding of Japanese politics and security issues in Washington DC as well as to facilitate professional exchanges between security policy experts in Japan and the US. In order to achieve these goals, the program engages in three core activities: policy-relevant research, outreach events and visiting fellows.

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