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“Voices from Japan: National Security Speaker Series” is an annual public symposium that aims to bring high-profile, senior-level Japanese individuals to Washington, DC for a discussion about how the US and Japan can tackle today’s global security challenges under the US-Japan alliance and in partnership with like-minded nations. It aims to provide a unique platform for senior-level Japanese officials to share their insights and concerns on a range of international issues.

The Honorable Yoshihiko Noda, the 95th Prime Minister of Japan, spoke as the inaugural speaker for the series. His speech at the Stimson Center – his first high-profile public address since he stepped down as Prime Minister in December 2012 – was titled, “Vision for Japan’s Future: Strength with Compassion, Commitment to the US-Japan Alliance and Peace and Stability in the Asia-Pacific region.”

The event drew an audience of more than 120 and was covered by 5 Japanese television networks. The audience included government officials from both the United States and Japan as well as Japanese officials from industry, academia, and other think tanks.

Mr. Noda served as Prime Minister from September 2, 2011 through December 26, 2012. Prior to becoming the prime minister, he served as the finance minister for the Naoto Kan cabinet in 2010, after serving as parliamentary vice minister of finance in 2009. Mr. Noda describes himself as “an idealist without illusions,” referring to President John F. Kennedy’s self-description when he was asked about his political leanings.

Led by Senior Associate Yuki Tatsumi since 2004, Stimson’s Japan Program seeks to deepen the understanding of Japan’s evolving role in international community and its implication for the US-Japan alliance. The program continues Stimson’s 24-year tradition of providing expert analysis on key global security issues.

The text from Mr. Noda’s speech is available here: English, Japanese









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