Stimson and Bloggers in India and Pakistan Launch Website to Encourage Cross-Border Dialogue

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Working with bloggers in India and Pakistan, the Stimson Center today launched a website called South Asian Voices: Generation Why to stimulate a cross-border dialogue on security issues and promote normal and cooperative relations between the two nations, Stimson President and CEO Ellen Laipson announced.

The address of the new site is

“This new website is designed to serve a new generation of young analysts in India and Pakistan to enable them to find common ground and communicate directly with each other on security issues that now divide their nations,” Laipson said. “The site will encourage analysts to seek out pragmatic solutions to disputes involving nuclear weapons, conventional forces, water disputes, migration, trade and other contentious issues.”

To read the full story, click here

Here’s a clip from Michael Krepon and Julia Thompson describing the website:



Photo credit: GlobalPartnership for Education via flickr

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