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Iraq’s New Reality: Finding its Role in the Middle East

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At this critical juncture in Iraq’s history, the Stimson Center and the Centre for International Governance Innovation are partnering to explore the linkages between Iraqi reconstruction, security and a political process of national reconciliation involving all Iraqis. Our goal is to help shape a better understanding of the Iraqi situation and to generate new thinking about Iraq for policymakers.

The fourth report in the Stimson-CIGI series Iraq’s New Reality examines Iraq’s reintegration into the Middle East and the formation of its foreign policy.  After 2003, most attention had been paid to the role of various neighbors and external players in Iraq. But as the political situation stabilizes, Iraq’s role as a regional and international actor is becoming more dynamic. Iraqi leaders are beginning to address their goals in the international arena. Iraq is reclaiming its foreign policy and beginning to develop its positions on critical regional and international issues.  

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