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The Future Course Of Japan’s National Security Policy In The Face Of Rising China

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In a paper entitled “The Future Course of Japan’s National Security Policy in the Face of Rising China,” Visiting Fellow Tadahiro Yashima presents his research on the state of Japanese security policy as a reflection of the changing face of Chinese, US, and Japanese relations.

China’s continual political and economic rise is one of the biggest issues Japan will confront in the next decade. How will the current policy of the United States toward China likely change in the future? How does Japan assess its current security environment, and what steps should Japan take to reshape its security policy?

Mr. Yashima, from the Ministry of Defense of Japan, presented this paper at a Stimson Center event on May 29th, 2008. A narrative of his speech can be found here, and the abridged presentation slides are available here. Please note that the presentation slides may take a longer than normal time to download due to the file size. A higher speed connection is recommended.

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