Chemical Weapons Disarmament in Russia: Problems and Prospects

By Michael Krepon  ·  Major General Roland Lajoie (ret.)  ·  Vil Mirzayanov  ·  Amy Smithson
in Program

With recent news surrounding the Novichok nerve agent, the Stimson Center is re-releasing this report. In 1995 Stimson released a report examining Russia, nerve agents, and the Chemical Weapons Convention.  With essays by Amy Smithson, Vil Mirzayanov, and Maj. Gen. Roland Lajoie (ret.).

Drafted prior to the entry into force of the CWC and Russia’s eventual ratification of the treaty, this report addresses some key questions: Will Russian authorities be able to comply with treaty provisions even if they want to because of insufficient resources? What if Russian authorities do not want to comply fully with the CWC?

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