Voices from Japan: Japan’s New National Security Policy

As the security environment surrounding Japan rapidly undergoes changes, Japan has sought to adapt alongside it. Since December 2012, the Abe government has pushed forward changes to Japan’s defense establishment, including new principles for arms exports, a reinterpretation of Article 9 for collective self-defense, updated US-Japan bilateral security guidelines, and now potentially new security legislation for the purpose of implementing these changes.

The Honorable Onodera, drawing on his long experiences in Japanese politics, most recently as the Minister of Defense between 2012-2014, will lay out his vision for Japan’s national security policy in this dramatic period. 

“Voices from Japan: National Security Speaker Series” is an annual public symposium that brings high-profile, senior-level Japanese individuals to Washington, DC for discussions about how the US and Japan can tackle today’s global security challenges under the US-Japan alliance and in partnership with like-minded nations. It provides a unique platform for senior-level Japanese officials to share their insights and concerns on a range of international issues.

Led by Senior Associate Yuki Tatsumi since 2004, Stimson’s Japan program seeks to deepen the understanding of Japan’s evolving role in international community and its implication for the US-Japan alliance. The program continues Stimson’s 25-year tradition of providing expert analysis on key global security issues.

WHAT: Address on Japan’s New National Security Policy by The Honorable Itsunori Onodera, the 12th Minister of Defense of Japan

About the Speaker:
The Honorable Itsunori Onodera, 12th Minister of Defense of Japan
Itsunori Onodera is a member of the Japanese House of Representatives, representing Miyagi Prefecture’s 6th District with the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), currently serving his sixth term. He formerly served as the 12th Minister of Defense (December 2012-September 2014).  Previously, he has served in numerous positions relating to foreign affairs, as Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs (2007-2008), Deputy Chairman of the LDP Diet Affairs Committee (2006-2007), Acting Chairman of the LDP Foreign Affairs Division (2005-2006), and Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs (2004-2005).  From September 2000 to April 2001, he was a Visiting Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. Minister Onodera is a graduate of Tokyo University of Fisheries, Matsushita Institute of Government and Management, and University of Tokyo Graduate School for Law and Politics.

Yuki Tatsumi, The Stimson Center

Watch the event below or click here.


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