USAID in Sudan

December 4, 2009 — William Hammink, U.S. Agency for International Development Mission Director in Sudan, joined us for a discussion on the U.S. government’s development and humanitarian activities throughout the country.

What is the scope of USAID’s work in Sudan? How is the Agency responding to fill gaps in the wake of the expulsion of 13 international NGOs from Darfur in March? What is the status of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement’s implementation and what is the prospect for credible national elections in 2010?

Security for a New Century is a bipartisan study group for Congress. We meet regularly with U.S. and international policy professionals to discuss the post-Cold War and post-9/11 security environment. All discussions are off-the-record. It is not an advocacy venue. For more information, please call Mark Yarnell at (202) 224-7560 or write to [email protected].

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