US Foreign Policy

The Status of US-DPRK Relations

Briefing for Congressional Staff. Following the collapse of talks between the US and DPRK in Stockholm in early October, Stimson organized a session for Senate staff to discuss the status of US-DPRK relations. The conversation touched on why the talks were so unsuccessful and what the diplomatic process might look like going forward.

Staff asked a range of questions about areas for additional leverage over DPRK, especially sanctions, and the impact on readiness of suspending the joint US-ROK military exercises. Concerns were raised about North Korea’s current missile capabilities, especially in light of short-range missile tests since May and a supposed new submarine, and options for reducing tensions were also discussed. Three experts supported the conversation: Joel Wit, Senior Fellow and Director of 38 North at the Stimson Center, Jenny Town, Fellow and Managing Editor of 38 North, and Vann Van Diepen, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, International Security and Nonproliferation, U.S. Department of State. 

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