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The Shoulder-Fired Missile Threat in the Middle East

Despite a decade-long international campaign to reduce the threat from man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS), terrorists and insurgents continue to acquire and use these highly effective, lightweight missiles. Among the most severely affected regions are the Middle East and North Africa, where armed groups have acquired MANPADS from looted government depots and international trafficking networks. Most notably, these weapons include recent-generation Russian and Chinese systems not previously seen outside of government control. The use of improvised batteries developed by armed groups also gives new life to older missiles. 

Watch the event below or here.

This event serves as the official release for the new report Missing Missiles: The Proliferation of Man-portable Air Defence Systems in North Africa. 


C.J. Chivers, Reporter, The New York Times Investigations Desk & The New York Times Magazine

Matt Schroeder, Senior Researcher, Small Arms Survey

Moderated by

Rachel Stohl, Senior Associate, Stimson Center

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