The Political Crisis in Zimbabwe

Sydney Masamvu, a Pretoria-based analyst with the
Southern Africa project for the International Crisis Group, joined us for a
discussion on the political crisis in Zimbabwe and the fate of Robert
Mugabe. Nine days after the presidential elections, the country is waiting for a
court ruling to determine whether the final vote tally will be released.  The
Mugabe government is insisting on a recount, while the opposition leader Morgan
Tsvangiri is claiming an outright victory.  The Mugabe regime hangs in the
balance after nearly three decades in power.  The government’s policies have
taken one of the most prosperous countries in Africa to the point of collapse, with current inflation at
100,000 percent.  Is this the end for the Mugabe regime? What is the current
humanitarian and security situation across the country?  What can Zimbabwe’s neighbors and the
international community do to support the prospects for a peaceful transition?

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