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The Difficult Road Ahead: Stabilizing Iraq and the Gulf Region

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While U.S. and Iraqi forces are making clear progress in the fight against ISIS, the security situation in Iraq and the Gulf region remains tenuous. ISIS was able to grow and develop largely due to the difficulties the government faced in controlling its vast territory and establishing inclusive governance to effectively integrate Iraq’s diverse constituencies. In the context of the ongoing instability in Iraq, Iran has increased its involvement in the region’s conflicts and has been able to assert a great deal of influence over Iraqi politics.

Bringing security to Iraq is essential, and the impact of U.S. intervention continues to be felt regionally and globally. Iran, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the U.S. all have an interest in a stable, peaceful Iraq. However, even as ISIS is defeated in Iraq, the question remains whether the U.S. or the Iraqi government are prepared to “win the peace” in the long-term. This on-the-record discussion hosted by the Stimson Center and TRENDS Research & Advisory featured Iraqi Ambassador to the U.S. Fareed Yasseen and an expert panel that examined the question of what the U.S. and its regional partners can do to support Iraq in a way that will help ensure durable peace and stability.

WHAT: A conversation with the Iraqi Ambassador to the U.S. and an expert panel examining what the U.S. and its regional partners in the Middle East can do to support Iraq in a way that will help ensure durable peace and stability. 

Brian Finlay (opening remarks), President & CEO, Stimson Center
Ambassador Fareed Yasseen, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the United States 
Ambassador Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr., Distinguished Fellow and Chairman Emeritus, Stimson Center 
Ellen Laipson (moderator), Distinguished Fellow and President Emeritus, Stimson Center
Richard Burchill, Director of Research, TRENDS Research & Advisory
Jay Solomon, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Wall Street Journal
Former U.S. Congressman William Enyart (IL-D) (closing remarks), Member of House Armed Services Committee, retired Maj. Gen. Illinois Army National Guard

Photo credit: DVIDSHUB via Flickr


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