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Russia’s Arctic Development Strategy And Opportunities For Regional Collaboration

On March 27th, the Environmental Security Program at the Stimson Center and the Rule of Law Committee for the Oceans sponsored a presentation by Dr. Alexander Pelyasov, Head of the Center for Northern and Arctic Economies of the Council for the Study of Productive Forces of the Russian Federation. Dr. Pelyasov presented highlights of Russia’s Development Strategy for the Arctic Zone that highlights new approaches to Arctic policy based on innovation in technology; scientific research into the factors behind Arctic change; new opportunities for local communities and indigenous people; and regional partnerships and international cooperation.

Dr. Pelyasov’s presentation was followed by a roundtable discussion among 20 experts in Arctic geopolitics, maritime issues, and international affairs. Moderated by Stimson Vice Chair Amb. Thomas Pickering, participants in the roundtable discussion included experts from the Navy; the Department of State and congressional staff; Arctic programs of environmental NGOs; Alaskan government and research centers; and specialists in Russian Arctic governance. The discussion addressed US policy toward the Arctic and explored opportunities for fruitful collaboration across borders in a new application of the US-Russia reset in relations. Roundtable participants also discussed US policies and activities and their relationship to the Russian Arctic strategy, while contributing their inside knowledge about past efforts to bridge the border between Alaska and the Russian Far East.

A summary of the presentation and discussion was prepared for public distribution.

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