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Resilient Authoritarianism and the Future of Democracy Promotion in the Middle East

The Stimson Center and HIVOS cordially invite you to attend the panel seminar:

Resilient Authoritarianism and the Future of Democracy Promotion in the Middle East: Lessons from Syria and Iran.


Steve Heydemann, Georgetown University and USIP

Reinoud Leenders, Universityof Amsterdam

Kevan Harris, The Johns Hopkins University

Tuesday, 22 March 2011
2:00-3:30 pm  

The Stimson Center
1111 19th St NW, 12th Floor
Washington DC, 20036
P: 202-223-5956

Please join the panelists, Dr. Steven Heydemann and Dr. Reinoud Leenders, co-editors in an upcoming book produced by HIVOS, and Kevan Harris, an advanced doctoral candidate, as they discuss the future of non-democratic regimes in the Middle East and the policy implications of the unprecedented, and unexpected, recent popular uprising in the region.

Please feel free to extend this invitation to other interested parties and RSVP to [email protected] by Friday, March 18 2011

Steven Heydemann (Ph.D., U. Chicago), is a Senior Vice President and Special Adviser to the Center for Conflict Management at the US Institute of Peace.  He is also Research Associate Professor in the Department of Government at Georgetown University.  A specialist on the politics and political economy of the Middle East, Heydemann’s research focuses on authoritarian governance, political and economic reform, and civil society in the Arab world.  From 2003 to 2007, he directed the Center for Democracy and Civil Society at Georgetown University.  He has also worked as program director at the Social Science Research Council (NY), and served on the faculty of the political science department at Columbia University.  
Reinoud Leenders (Ph.D.,SOAS, London University), is a lecturer in International Relations and Comparative Politics at the University of Amsterdam.  He formerly worked as Beirut-based Middle East analyst for the International Crisis Group and is often consulted by Transparency International, Global Integrity, and other international organizations. His research focuses primarily on the political economy of violent conflicts in the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria and Iraq). More details can be found at his personal website:
Kevan Harris is an advanced doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at The Johns Hopkins University.  He has traveled to Iran annually since 2006, and lived in the country for a year during 2009-10.  His research focuses on the politics of welfare and social policy in Iran, and he has spoken on the topic of Iran at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Woodrow Wilson International Center, and The Council on Foreign Relations.

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