It’s Not Just “Over There:” Consequences of War and Instability on the Korean Peninsula

The Stimson Center and Stimson’s 38 North program, working with the Alaska World Affairs Council, presented a panel of experts to discuss the importance of the US commitment to the Korean Peninsula. The panelists offered informed commentary on the importance of the relationship and its direct connection to the United States. Among a broad range of topics, the panel explored various steps to avoid renewed instability or conflict on the Korean Peninsula, the potentially enormous costs of failing to do so, and the need to uphold the US-ROK alliance and rethink how to approach diplomacy with North Korea.

The panel was introduced by the Alaska World Affairs Council’s President and CEO, Lise Falskow, and moderated by Dr. Clint Work, a Stimson Fellow leading congressional engagement on Korean peace and security issues. The featured speakers included: Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Rick Martin of the American College of National Security Leaders (ACNSL); Col. (Ret.) Steve Lee, Senior Vice President of Operations, Korea Defense Veterans Association (KDVA); and Jenny Town, Stimson Fellow and Deputy Director of Stimson’s 38 North program.

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