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In Pursuit of Global Drone Standards

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During the Obama administration, armed unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly referred to as drones, were a key component of U.S. counterterrorism strategy. After more than eight years of use in a variety of theaters – both inside and outside traditional battlefields – the United States’ use of armed drones has prompted other governments to pursue precision strike capabilities using unmanned platforms. Yet few rules govern the transfer and use of these systems. As drones proliferate, countries are considering how best to regulate drones.

In 2016, the Obama administration announced a joint declaration for the export and use of armed drones, which has served as an impetus for future discussions on the topic. The declaration has since been signed by more than 50 countries with plans to convene multilateral discussions throughout 2017. As the Trump administration enters office, many observers are questioning how these efforts will progress in the new year.

The Stimson Center hosted a panel discussion on efforts to establish global standards for drone transfer and use. Experts discussed the current status and future prospects of the Joint Declaration for the Export and Subsequent Use of Armed or Strike-enabled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and provided insight on what is needed to ensure that such an agreement is effective and successful. 

WHAT: Panel discussion on efforts to establish global standards for drone transfer and use.


Dan Mahanty, Senior Advisor, Center for Civilians in Conflict
Aaron Mehta, Associate Editor & Senior Pentagon Correspondent, Defense News
Rachel Stohl, Senior Associate, Stimson Center
Wim Zwijnenburg, Humanitarian Disarmament Project Leader, PAX 
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