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Great Power and Great Responsibility in U.S. Arms Transfers

International arms sales represent an enduring and prominent feature of U.S. foreign policy. Yet arms transfers come with inherent risks, and too often U.S. weapons contribute to global tensions, human rights violations, and civilian harm.

In recent years, Congress has relinquished its oversight responsibilities over who receives U.S. weapons and how they are used, often to devastating results. Join CIVIC and the Stimson Center for the launch of a new report on the ways in which Congress can reassert its oversight role and ensure that arms transfers better reflect American values and promote long-term U.S. interests.

Read the full report.


  • David Fite, Senior Professional Staff, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
  • Diana Ohlbaum, Senior Strategist and Legislative Director for Foreign Policy, Friends Committee on National Legislation
  • Annie Shiel, Senior Advisor for U.S. Policy & Advocacy, Center for Civilians in Conflict
  • Rachel Stohl, Vice President, Stimson Center

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Part of the Managing the Arms Trade Project
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