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Drone Warfare: Towards International Standards And Norms

Unmanned aerial vehicles – more commonly referred to as “drones” – are increasingly relied upon as a component of military operations and national security strategies worldwide. As demand for this technology increases, including through commercial innovation, countries are beginning to consider how best to manage and respond to the military use of drones.

The United States has been a leader in the use of drones, but the absence of clear policy guidelines and a well-articulated strategy has prompted controversy over key legal and ethical issues. Questions of proper oversight and accountability for drone proliferation and use remain an issue of domestic and international contention.

In light of this continued debate, the Stimson Center – in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation North America – convened an expert panel to discuss the challenges posed by drone proliferation, and the potential for developing common international standards to govern their use. The panel highlighted key ethical, legal and proliferation concerns that have been raised by government officials, industry and civil society in the United States and around the world, and discussed possible approaches to establishing a political or legal framework to guide the transfer and use of drones.  

Watch this event below or here.

WHAT: A discussion on drone proliferation, and the potential for developing international standards to guide their sale, transfer, and use.



Rosa Brooks, Senior Fellow, New America; Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center

Elke Schwarz, Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University

Stephen Vladeck, Professor of Law, American University Washington College of Law

Moderated by:

Rachel Stohl, Senior Associate, Stimson Center

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