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Drone Proliferation: Impacts on Security, Strategy, and Policy

Drones are increasingly used in military operations around the world. While the United States maintains a temporary dominance in its use of armed drones, it does not hold a monopoly on the technology and several countries continue to seek similar programs and capabilities. These patterns raise a number of questions about the impact of drone proliferation on international security and stability. As more countries join the ranks of those using drones as a regular part of their military arsenals, the potential future uses of drones could change the ways in which conflicts are fought, peace is maintained, and the balance of power is sustained or upended.

The Stimson Center hosted a panel discussion on issues surrounding the ways in which drone proliferation may change conflict and security in the future. The panel discussed what drone proliferation does and does not mean for current and future security, strategy, and policy.

Watch the event video below or click here.


Dan De Luce, Chief National Security Correspondent, Foreign Policy
Michael Horowitz, Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Sarah Kreps, Associate Professor, Cornell University
Rachel Stohl (moderator), Senior Associate, Stimson Center

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