Denying WMD to Terrorists and Other Criminals: A Progress Report

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The United States
recently submitted to the United Nations its report on measures it has taken to
keep terrorists and other criminals from acquiring nuclear, chemical and
biological weapons and their means of delivery, in support of UN Security
Council resolution 1540. Stimson and the Stanley Foundation explore U.S. domestic and international efforts at curbing
the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to non-state actors.

Simon Limage, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nonproliferation,
US Department of State

Rick Cupitt, UNSCR 1540 Coordinator, US Department of State

Johan Bergenas, Deputy Director, Stimson’s Managing Across Boundaries

Brian Finlay, Managing Director, Stimson’s Managing Across Boundaries

For more information contact Audrey Williams at [email protected] or 202-464-2676

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