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Continuing Climate Challenges: Copenhagen and Beyond

Global climate policy is coming to a critical juncture. 
The US Congress will soon resume deliberations on domestic cap-and-trade
legislation.  In December, representatives from 192
countries will convene in Copenhagen
to hammer out new greenhouse emissions controls to succeed the expiring Kyoto
Protocol.  What is the outlook for the upcoming negotiations? What
opportunities and constraints inform the positions of key players?  How
does the world community perceive US policy debates under the new
administration?  What role should developing countries play in the
evolving regime?  What are the possibilities for effective international
cooperation on mitigation measures, adaptation strategies, and technology
R&D and deployment?  How do policymakers, civil society, and other
stakeholders in the developing world view the emerging climate risks to energy
security, food security, and water security?  Please join us for a
roundtable discussion with a panel of international experts.  


Rajendranath Awotar is Executive Director of the Mauritius Council for Development,
Environmental Studies & Conservation (MAUDESCO), Chair of the UNEP Africa
NGO Steering Committee, and NGO East Africa Regional Coordinator of the Global
Environment Facility.


Mohamed El
is Professor of
Environmental Physics and Dean of the Institute
of Graduate Studies and Research at
the University of Alexandria and a lead author of Egypt’s Second
National Communication to the UNFCCC.


is Chief Advisor for Environment at the Sustainable Development
Policy Institute (SDPI) in Islamabad,
Pakistan, and a
member of the Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism.  He was
previously Deputy Executive Director of UNEP.


is Director of the
Climate Change Division at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in New Delhi and Dean of the Faculty of Policy and Planning
at the TERI University. 


RSVP by 18 September to Mr. Corey Sobel at [email protected]


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