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Coastal Cities: Ground Zero for Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Please join the Environmental Security Program and Island Press for a discussion on coastal city resilience and to launch the new book, A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation: United Design, Economics, and Policy. The event will bring together federal and city government leaders, policy makers, and practitioners to offer perspectives on how to develop comprehensive climate adaptation solutions in coastal cities.

Located at the interface between land and sea, coastal cities are centers of innovation and economic productivity, concentrating large numbers of people and assets. However, they are also at the forefront of climate change. Rising sea levels, increasing storm intensity, and warmer temperatures stress ecosystems upon which millions depend, degrade outdated infrastructure, and upend economic stability.  

Climate risks also compound existing pressures. In many cities around the globe, rapid urbanization is outpacing infrastructure development – including housing, waste management, bridges, and roads. These factors also exacerbate social and health inequities. As climate change impacts continue to grow and in a post-COVID environment, governments, businesses, and international financial institutions need to consider climate risk across social, economic, and environmental issues to design comprehensive solutions and unlock additional financial resources. The discussion will focus on innovations and best practice in coastal cities at home and abroad to safeguard people, their livelihoods, and to build a more resilient future. 

Featured Speakers

Jainey Bavishi, Resilience Director, New York City Office of the Mayor

Carolyn Kousky, Executive Director, Wharton Risk Center, University of Pennsylvania

Paul Huang, Acting Assistant Administrator of Resilience, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Moderated by

Sally Yozell, Senior Fellow and Director, Environmental Security Program, Stimson Center

Co-hosted by Island Press

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