Barry Blechman and Laicie Heeley quoted in RTBF on nuclear bombs in Belgium

September 1, 2016 | RTBF

The US think tank Stimson Center recommended that the administration of President Barack Obama to give up to acquire the new version of the B-61 nuclear bombs deployed in Europe - including Belgium - and to withdraw such weapons " immediately " the Old Continent in a recent report.


Citing cost issues and the risks posed by the storage of these weapons - the Belgian base at Kleine-Brogel (Limburg) who would welcome a score, according to experts was the subject of several intrusions in the past - the report the Stimson Center, a " think tank " apolitical based in Washington, recommends abandoning the purchase of some 240 bombs-away modernized by fighter-bombers and the withdrawal " immediate " of all tactical nuclear weapons deployed in Europe. " This would free the squadrons charged to take them for strictly conventional roles ," according to the authors, Barry Blechman and Laicie Heeley.

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