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Stimson Center Asks for More from the UN Open-Ended Working Group on Cybersecurity

Continue, Coordinate and Clarify Priorities

Submitting the pre-draft of the report of the OEWG on developments in the field of information and telecommunications and international security

  • April 16, 2020
  • 12:48 pm

Debra Decker, Senior Advisor at the Stimson Center, submitted suggestions on the OEWG Pre-Draft Final Report. In her comments, she suggested the report advocate more forcefully for:

  • the process to be continued and coordinated more closely with other UN efforts on cyber issues;
  • the Group to broaden engagement with business, academia and non-governmental organizations; and
  • the Group’s work to be more prioritized.

She also suggested that States support additional unbiased research in support of the OEWG, such as analyzing the conflicting approaches/views in many areas and developing analytical frameworks for States to better assess alternatives informed by lessons from other international risk management efforts.

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