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Spent Nuclear Fuel in Czech Republic

Management and Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel in the Czech Republic

  • June 1, 2020
  • 8:42 pm


1,827 tHM spent nuclear fuel in storage (2016)
3,377 tHM spent nuclear fuel projected by 2050
1985 First year of commercial nuclear operation
6 operating nuclear power reactors
3 operating research and test reactors
4.29 GW(e) installed nuclear capacity (2017)
4.68% nuclear share of domestic energy production (2018)

Regulator: State Office for Nuclear Safety (SÚJB)
Power Operator: CEZ, S.A.

Nuclear Power stations in Czech Republic (as of 2019)

Management and Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel


  • NPP SNF is stored wet onsite for up to 12 years and then is transferred to interim dry storage onsite
  • SNF from the only critical research reactor is stored wet at the Higher Active Waste (HAW) facility in Řež
  • In 2007, 2 metric tons SNF were returned to the Russian Federation for reprocessing and storage; 112 HEU fuel assemblies were also reprocessed in Russia in 2013
  • The Czech Republic participates in the IAEA International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles


  • The Czech Republic is party to the Euratom IAEA safeguards agreement since 2009 (INFCIRC/193), as well as its additional protocol (2009)
  • The Czech Republic signed the Joint Convention in 1997 and submitted its approval in 1999
  • According to the Atomic Act, SNF management and interim storage is the owner’s responsibility; the decision to reprocess is still up to owners but no national policy has been published
  • The Radioactive Waste Repository Authority (SÚRAO) is responsible for safe final radioactive waste and spent fuel disposal
  • In accordance with the EU’s recommendations, the Czech Republic intends to begin preliminary examination of how to proceed towards DGR disposal; the preliminary plan is for site selection by 2025, construction starting 2050, and operation beginning 2065
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