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Victoria Holt cited on the Ukraine Trump-Biden episode baffling foreign leaders

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Ukraine episode hangs over U.N. event — and Biden becomes target

united nations — A defiant President Trump on Monday turned the U.N. General Assembly, where foreign leaders converged to confront climate change and other global pandemics, into the backdrop for an assault on a domestic political opponent.

Kicking off four days of international diplomacy here, Trump repeatedly defended his conduct in pressing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate unsubstantiated allegations of corruption made against former vice president Joe Biden and his family.

Trump used his meetings with heads of state to flay Biden, celebrate his personal attorney’s altercations and tend to his media feuds. For instance, he argued during a sit-down with the Polish president that if Biden were a Republican, the news media would have him in “the electric chair by right now.”

Trump’s head-turning visit to the United Nations came as scrutiny of his conversation with Zelensky intensifies in Washington. House Democrats demanded to see a transcript of the call as well as the intelligence officer’s whistleblower complaint that brought it to light, and argued that Trump’s alleged conduct represents an abuse of power and could be grounds for impeachment.

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