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In Memorium: Stephen Philip Cohen by Michael Krepon

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Appreciations of a life well lived deserve to be in the present tense. A body fails. A spirit released from human lament leaves this earthly plane. But a person’s good works live on.

Family is legacy, and Steve Cohen’s partner in life, Bobby, and their children have much to be proud of. Steve also has two professional legacies that remain with us. One is his body of written work; the other is his imprint on those – a very large number – he helped along the way.

Steve introduces us to The Indian Army (1971) and The Pakistan Army (1984). He is the first among us to publish a collection of essays on nuclear dangers on the subcontinent. This book, Nuclear Proliferation in South Asia: The Prospects of Arms Control (1991), is built around a central question that has grown every year that nuclear capabilities have outpaced diplomatic engagement on the subcontinent: “What combination of political agreements and technological arrangements would make it possible for India and Pakistan not to go to war?”

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