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Jenny Town & David Kim Quoted on Donald Trump Walking Away From North Korea Talks

By David Kim  ·  Jenny Town
in Program

Donald Trump Walked Away from North Korea Talks. That’s Not Such a Bad Thing.

When the leaders of the U.S. and North Korea met in the Vietnamese capital determined to make a deal on denuclearization, few predicted that the outcome would be, in a nutshell, nothing.

But when talks collapsed Thursday between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, the consensus among experts was that a whimper was a better way to conclude the summit than a bang.

Trump said talks broke down when Kim brought an unacceptable offer to the table: a blanket removal of U.S. sanctions in exchange for partial denuclearization. Trump entered negotiations at a disadvantage; problems were piling up at home, and Kim may have overplayed his hand on the assumption he’d take a win wherever he could find it.

Read the full article in TIME.

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