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Doha Global Policy Dialogue seeks to advance Preventive Action and Sustaining Peace efforts on the Road to 2020

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On 17 December 2018 in Doha, Qatar, the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, the Stimson Center, and the Doha Forum convened the Global Policy Dialogue on Preventive Action, Sustaining Peace, and Global Governance, which coincided with the 18th edition of the Doha Forum from 15 to 16 December 2018.

The dialogue’s forty participants—representing diverse global and regional policy-making, scholarly, activist, and practitioners’ perspectives—gathered to respond collectively to major global policy challenges associated with the theme of preventive action, sustaining peace, and global governance; to better understand current global and regional responses (including those championed by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres); and to consider and refine major global and regional governance innovation initiatives.

Together, the three-part series aims to advance a global consensus around several of the best recommendations for improving international responses to deadly conflict and weak states, challenges inherent in the hyperconnected global economy, and runaway climate change.

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