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Shannon Dick Co-Writes Op-ed in Arms Control Association on Morality of Atomic Weapons

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On a calm and cool January evening, we found ourselves attending a stimulating showing of Michael Frayn’s 1998 Tony award-winning play, Copenhagen, at Theater J in Washington D.C. Before going any further, perhaps we should start with some personal background (and humility). We are not nuclear weapons experts. Or physicists. Or historians, really. Rather, our recollection and understanding of World War II and the race to the atomic bomb is, shall we say, rusty. We’re both young professionals working more on conventional weapons issues–from examining the global arms trade to analyzing defense acquisition processes and technological advancements. Yet the two hours we spent immersed in Niels and Margrethe Bohr’s living room drew our attention to numerous issues surrounding WMD (non)proliferation and emphasized the relevance of nuclear weapons concerns today.

Read the full article here.
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